Three Six months Going Floor Standing Regulators

Another commission from Campbell and Archard Ltd., the third of these clocks is due for completion in spring 2014.

These fine six month going regulators are based on an original clock of about 1830 by Joseph Binder of Vienna. The movements, made by George, comprise a single plate with each wheel and arbor running between this plate and a cock, or, in the case of the great wheel, a bridge. The movement is hung in the case on a substantial brass bracket which also incorporates the post to suspend the heavy five rod temperature compensating grid iron pendulum. The movements have dead beat escapements with Harrison’s maintaining power and run for six months between windings. The third clock of the series uses the latest ceramic hybrid ball bearings up to the front centre wheel pivot, and is then jewelled to the pallet arbor. This results in not only much reduced friction and consequently a lighter driving weight, but also longer intervals between services.

The movements are housed in very fine quality floor standing cases made in the workshops of Campbell and Archard Ltd., and more information can be found on them by visiting their website.