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The de Fossard clock company is a small second generation clock making business, founded by Nicolas de Fossard in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1968.  It is now run by his son George and wife Cornelia from workshops in Southwick, Wiltshire.

For the past three years, the couple have been working on a very special project – The Solar Time Clock – a unique, super complex mechanical clock which can be set for longitude and latitude, allowing it to tell sunrise, sunset and solar time virtually anywhere in the world. No other mechanical clock has ever been made with such a complication.

George and Cornelia, who were inspired by the ‘vibrant and innovative mechanical watch market’, have spent over 5,000 hours building this unique timepiece, which features over 750 hand made parts. Cornelia, a reputed furniture maker, has designed and made the stunning case out of ebonised pear wood and brushed stainless steel metalwork.

To complement the Solar Time Clock’s rarity, the phase of moon indication is driven by an exceptionally accurate, complex and unusual compound worm mechanism, first designed by 18th century English clockmaker Thomas Mudge. George has combined it with his own mechanical invention to create this unique and thoroughly modern piece of horology.

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